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Domestic top with luxury 550 four-wheel drive ATV analysis

Domestic top with luxury 550 four-wheel drive ATV analysis

2019-07-21 13:34

Perhaps it is because ATV is not as popular as off-road vehicles, perhaps often appear in scenic tourists driving ATV play, leading to the public misunderstanding of it, the real ATV can take you in the outdoors, experience the process of constant challenges, enjoy the pleasure of conquering the strong off-road "sharp",

Lion Run Mei Shi 550 four-wheel drive ATV is such an ATV, its superior power system and rich configuration, so that cyclists can face the difficult situation, calmly out of trouble, really cut the body will be outdoor quality off-road life. Strong climbing strength and extreme off-road conditions require a strong heart, power is absolutely a strong guarantee of off-road performance, and the core of power is closely related to the engine.

Lion Run MeiShi 550 four-wheel drive ATV equipped with the construction brand of single-cylinder vertical water-cooled four-stroke non-polar variable speed engine, 500ml of exhaust volume, from the thick engine sound is enough to feel which force can not rely on, but also its low speed high torque high power performance indicators, is entirely for ATV customization. Lion Run Meishi 550 four-wheel drive ATV off-road power can be in the same class of car line proud of the group, not only by low speed high torque high power engine, but also with the world's top 500 "Delphi" microcomputer intelligent electronic fuel injection, can be in minus 50 degrees and altitude 5000 meters normal use, really have a full control of the terrain,

And with the help of this electronic fuel injection system, the engine is able to output without any reservation, generating more than 15% of the power of its peers. All-terrain ability must be ready to deal with the hard strength of various road surfaces, Lion Run using 550ATV electric control time four-wheel drive plus differential lock classic combination, the driver can freely switch two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive mode according to the current road conditions, with differential lock to make the power distribution more perfect, easy to competent for a variety of complex terrain environment.

The braking effect is the first time in the industry to use four-disc brake, giving the driver a strong confidence, Fast-seine into nitrogen shock absorption and the collaboration of positive new tires, but also to make the body more stable, so that the driving control more accurate. Lion run 550 four-wheel a-drive ATV four-wheel independent suspension system through precision adjustment, without any modification, you can easily cope with the extreme road conditions, filter bumps caused by bumps, its own 290 mm ground clearance, but also let the lion run 550 four-wheel drive ATV through sex more excellent, in the deep trouble, also need not worry too much, 2500 pounds of nylon rope winch, let the lion run 550 ATV in deep trouble can ensure safe self-help and mutual rescue.

From each configuration have witnessed the Lion Run 550 four-wheel drive ATV tough off-road strength. Simple and hard at the same time, through the car details delicate embellishment, to create a luxurious atmosphere, whether it is the hand touch the delicate sense of high-gloss metal paint, or the front face of the United States original import "Corey" wick shot nails, or hand-held wind shield, embedded LED beads, etc. if this is to say that this is an improvement in visual beauty, Then the use of front and rear heavy heavy anti-collision bumper, aviation grade aluminum alloy A arm guard, aluminum alloy exhaust pipe, not only to enhance the muscle sense of the whole vehicle, but also to improve the protection performance, from a comfortable and practical use of wired stainless steel foot anti-slip strip, zinc alloy shift handle, double-stitched high-end anti-slip breath seat cushions,

And so on are the body aesthetic comfort and practical extreme pursuit, in the visual comfort of breaking the inherent image of hard cross-country ATV, opened the hard-school exquisite ATV off-road trend. To sum up: Lion Run 550 four-wheel drive ATV it achieves a hard pie and exquisite fusion, it is not only in the shape of the hard pie impact, mainly its powerful power system, but also the industry-leading unique configuration so that the lion run 550 four-wheel drive ATV to become an internal and external both "hard man", high requirements not only on performance, Whether it is shape vision or accessories comfort above are adhering to the lion run consistent high requirements, strict standards, whether off-road or daily life Lion Run 550 four-wheel drive ATV will meet your needs


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